The army grows, but the glue runs low

I work on the army, but my glue is nearly empty, so what to do? Well, I live in a very small town, the only shop, where I can buy a glue is on the other side, so today I do not walk there today. But tomorrow I stay in Nürnberg, next biggest city, there I buy a new glue.

But for today, there some more pictures of the last work:

More will follow soon, second infantry squad is on the desk, also my order will arrive these days, I hope to continue on the second platoon, before next week.


The social aspects of the hobby

Ok, this is about something, that is very important for me and hopefully for most of the other people out there, who celebrate this great hobby. Let`s talk about the social aspects, why are they so important for the whole hobby? Because they are the most fundamental basement of it all. So, what are I talk about?

1) The gaming, without nearly one other guy, you can`t play the game, thats rigt, but it is not this at all. This other guy is not only the other player, he can be a whole more, like a fiend to crush into the ground or a training partner to train your skills, or he is simple a good friend and together you will enjoy some fantastic hours full of Fun and Action.

2) The exchange of views, this make also a great part of it. You show a model, you have build and others can make there opinions about it. From the little model to the great Monster, from great paintjob to little conversation and finally a whole rebuild, we all like it, when other people respected our work, or not?

3) Finally, the comunity, this makes a vital part of the hobby, from the group of friends, to the next hobby store to great events like tournaments or the Games Day, all of this is about our great comunity. Inside of this, there no borders, nothing is important, not your skin or your origin, not your gender or your age. And this makes the greatest part of the hobby, it bring people together.

So, this was a little view on the social parts of our great hobby, hope you enjoy it. In the next week, I want start something new, so have a regular look on this.



Bad and good things come togheter...

Well, the last days, I have to live without my TV, but thats not bad, I can do more work on hobby and school. What I do, the next few days, mhm, supply more Soldiers for the Guard army, play a little bit BIO 2 ;) and post on my blog...

Hope to give you more pictures of the guard the next few days...


Many little things, that costs my time...

Well, a long time since my last post, but why?

Ok, first I has to work for my halfyear marks, at school.

Second, I was ill, the last week, not dangerous, but it put me most time in my bed.

In the next week, the last week before my first holidays in 2010, so I can do more on this blog, but also on my army and other projects for this year.

Here some updates for my Cadian-Army:

More to follow soon, with the first painted models at the coming weeks


The Army is on the road

Ok, a couple of days since my last post, but the work on my Cadian Army don`t stop. Well, most of the miniatures are not very near to finish, yet. But I can bring you two new pics:

Well, more to follow soon as possible, but the school and my girl friend demand most of my time the last days and it will continue the next few weeks, so updates come sporadic. But I figth hard, so the army will grow up.


The problem with the fluff part 1

Ok, this will be a post, about something I was thinking the last days. Since the start of my hobby, in the year 2002, I was ever impressed by the great background, designed to bring the far future to live. But when I become more and more in contact with different background sources, a question come into my mind.

What background is the real background?

Ok, first of all, this is not to dismissed fanmade material, but what is the fundamental background?

Well, of course first of all, sure the Games Workshop design studio. Why? Because it is there game and they designed the first background. But, what is about changes in the background? This makes it a little problematic. Well, also in this case is the background from Fantasy Flight Games, the owner of the license to make the Roleplaying and Board/Card games set in the background of Warhammer 40 000.

On the second rank comes the books from the Black Library. Ok, not all books cover the background full, some are really strange. But on the other side, many discover new deeps in the grater background. Also, some characters make the jump from their books to the real background covers in Codices and Supplements.

On the third rank, you see the fanmade stuff, come it from own Members of the Design studio or from the wider basement of the community. Forget not, that some of this material make the long way into the official background.

Ok, before I end this, what is official background? We must see, that the background of Warhammer 40 000 is a vital part of the hobby, also the community is the greatest strengt of it. So, without the fans and their own ideas and selfmade background, the great game will die... So, let us support this great game and hobby and we all will see into the future, whatever it will brings us...


Other Projects for 2010

Well, with the start of a new army for the Tabletopgame, what other personal projects will come this year? Of course, there will be others, I thing about some reviews of WH 40k relatet books from the Black Libary, also some personal fan fiction and some more, looking forward.

And some bad news at the side, my camera is damaged at the moment, so the ongoing of my Cadians must wait for some days, but the work continues, so hope to bring news to this blog as soon as possible.